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Feed Our Teachers - Fall Conferences Oct 31 Grades K-4

Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Jobs: 19 filled, 3 still need

Organizer: Hope N.

Help support Horizons K8 teachers during our Fall Conference Days. Please consider providing food, drinks, and treats to our teachers who are here for long days. We need enough servings to feed about 20 teachers and staff.  Each individual offering should feed about 12. 

Teachers prefer lighter, healthier meals.

Please bring to the Teacher's Cafe an hour before your meal will be served. If need be, feel free to use the fridge and mark your labeled items with "Conferences". 

Set Up
Wed Oct 31, 2018

Filled: 1, Still Need: 1
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Rachel B.

Layout food, paper, utensils

Wed Oct 31, 2018

Becca S.
Maureen R.

Bring some refreshing beverages for our teachers. Please bring enough for 10 people. Please drop off the day before or in the morning before 9 AM
What will you bring?

Wed Oct 31, 2018

Lauren B.
Marcy M.
Mary G.
Rachel Ochoa

Bring some light salad fare. A gluten-free option would be appreciated. Fruit or veggies appreciated. Please deliver before 11 AM

Wed Oct 31, 2018

Filled: 3, Still Need: 1
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Julia Haas
Franciska M.
Deborah C.

Please bring your favorite hearty and healthy dish, and provide enough for 8 people. Soups, stews, sandwiches, etc.
What will you bring?

Snacks Examples are popcorn, chocolate, chips
Wed Oct 31, 2018

Paul C.
Susan P.
Jeff Parker
Christina H.

Everyone needs a snack break.
What will you bring? Please deliver by 11 AM

Wed Oct 31, 2018

Suzy M.
Hetal M.
Melissa Spirko

Bring your favorite dessert to share with our teachers. Drop off desserts by 11 AM
What will you bring?

Clean up
Wed Oct 31, 2018

Filled: 2, Still Need: 1
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Kim O.
Bobbi J.

Tidy up the Cafe'. Wipe all surfaces, put dishes on a table to be picked up, etc.