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Lost & Found - Organize, Photograph, Minimize

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Let's face it, kids lose stuff. They just aren't good at keeping track of their stuff, and so the lost & found pile grows and grows. Some parents can make time to get into school during daytime hours, others cannot. We'd like to photograph and organize the lost items, hoping to help families find more of their stuff, and sooner. 

Google Drive Link to Current Pictures:

Lost & Found Communications

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Charles C.

We need to let parents know the pictures exist. Methods include, but aren't limited to, school newsletters, PTA newsletters, PTA facebook, PTA bulletin board. This job might also include some correspondence, if someone sees an item they recognize, but can't get to the school, we could help get the item back to their kiddo.

Take Photos of Newly Found Items

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Charles C.

Schedule is flexible. You can do this job anytime that the building is unlocked. Ideal timing is probably weekly, or at least 2x per month. Photograph new items, put them in a bin so we know they have been photographed, and upload. If you are not familiar with how to do the upload of files we are more than happy to teach you how to do it.