Bully Prevention Education Grant Help

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Organizer: Claire T.

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We have a number of posters that need to be cut out and placed throughout the school. We are also trying to create an area in the vestibule where parents can access handouts and other information about social emotional learning and bully prevention. We would love help to manage all of these materials!

Cutting out posters and other materials

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The Second Step curriculum involves a lot of materials. We would love to have help cutting out, organizing, and hanging up these materials.

Parent Materials Co-Organizer

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We want to create a library of handouts and materials in the vestibule. These handouts will be about Social Emotional Learning, Second Step, Mindfulness, and Bully Prevention. We have a number of materials. We need to figure out and where to display them in the vestibule area. We would also love to collaborate with parents on other systemic efforts to further develop our Columbine Caring Community.