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2018-19 Foothill Big Spring Clean

Thu May 2, 2019 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Jobs: 0 filled, 10 still need

Organizers: Marnie Kasen , Melanie Bauer

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It's time for a a bit of a Foothill facelift!  Now that Spring has arrived - Really!  It has! - the landscaping around the school could really use some TLC.  Bring your own garden gloves, a rake, whatever it takes! and we'll get Foothill looking amazing in no time! 

Please note this is a Foothill family event!  All parents, guardians, students and siblings are welcome and appreciated!

Landscape Assistant
Thu May 2, 2019

Filled: 0, Still Need: 10
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Bring your own garden gloves and tools and help us clean up the garden beds around Foothill!